Pompeya y Herculano. A la sombra del Vesubio 2007-2008

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Works from the Archeological Museum of Naples and Pompey, the exhibition revises the history of the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD, when the Roman cities of Pompey and Herculano were covered along with a range of very important elements of Roman civilization.

These outstanding archeological vestiges from the domus and streets, from gardens and taverns, offer a vision of the world that was buried under volcanic ash for centuries. A series of engravings and paintings historically place the tragedy and excavation of the cities that was carried out in the XVIII century.

Organized by Obra Social Caja Duero and with the collaboration of Instituto italiano di Cultura.

  • Exhibition Hall Caja Duero of Salamanca
  • National Museum of Roman Art of Mérida
  • Conde Duque center of Madrid.

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